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    Light of the whole machine

    Light the machine is mainly composed of row houses, frame, door, roll, hydraulic system and other components and institutions, etc, these are for the device, and roll adjusting and correctly guide products in and out of the roll.
    Four high light machine: roll is used on products is conducted by rolling processing tools, it is the center of the rolling mill. Roll usually have a roll, roll neck and shaft head of three parts. Roll is workshop often use tools, and its quality directly affects the quality and quantity of steel, so the performance of the roll (mainly strength, wear resistance and certain heat cracking resistance) requirement is very strict. (Top Work on the Work Roll Roll), the Work Roll (Bottom Work Roll), the support roller (Top Backup Roll), under the support roller Backup Roll (Bottom). Upper and lower support roll each have all a drive motor through a connecting shaft to rotate the support roller. Work roll without motor driven by friction between the upper and lower support roll and work roll rotation. Work roll roll diameter is 450 mm, biggest support roller largest roller diameter is 1000 mm.
    Two hydraulic cylinder used in hydraulic pressure system, adjustment of support roller, the rolling force is mainly from the two hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder servo valve SV1 246.2, 246.2 246.2 SVH1 SV2 locking solenoid valve, 246.2 SVH2 control. Hydraulic cylinder on the pack a magnetic feet 246.2 ZT1, 246.2 ZT1, used to detect the supporting roller higher level.
    Work roll Bending system (Work Rolls Bending) : positive and negative Bending of Work roll, roll change of roll shape and the distribution of the force, so as to achieve control of plate type. By four hydraulic cylinder of bending roll and the eight bending blocks, each two bending block with a bending roller cylinder, the positive and negative bending force is done through four bending cylinder. Bending cylinder in servo mode controlled by servo valve 246.4 SV1, in manual mode is controlled by electromagnetic valve 246.4 SVH2, manual or 246.4 SVH1 servo mode switching valve.
    Support Roll balance system (the Back up Roll balancing) : the support roller on top, with the wedge block ensure GaXian fixed position. Consists of four hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder controlled by a solenoid valve 246.1 SVH1 elevator, a locking valve 246.1 SVH2 keep on supporting roller position.
    Support roll, work roll locking device: by hydraulic drive lock clamp device. Clamp installed on the operation side, they can prevent during rolling roller axial movement. A total of eight clamp, supporting roller on the entry, exit a, controlled by a solenoid valve 246.1 SVH3 opening and closing, the support roll each one entry, exit, controlled by a solenoid valve 246.1 SVH4 opens and closes, work roll on entry, exit, the work roll each one entry, exit, controlled by a solenoid valve 246.4 SVH4 open and close. They open and closed position by proximity switch testing, a total of 16 proximity switch.
    Rolling line adjustment system (Step wedge adjusting system) : through the memorial arch at the top of the wedge block adjustment on the location of the support roller, supporting roller balance system fixed rolling line. After changing roller for rolling line adjustment. By a position sensor 246.3 ZT1 detection wedge block position, two position sensor 246.3 ZT2, 246.3 ZT3 detection on supporting roller, a hydraulic proportional valve 246.3 SVH/P1 control the wedge block movement.
    Work roll roll changing device (Work roll changing device) : because of the Work roll under high pressure, high speed for a long time, so the Work roll and easy to use up, when it is worn by a certain amount of time can't continue to use again, go to the polishing and know after the grinding precision roller diameter. The roll diameter changes directly affect the quality of products. This requires a swap roller device, finished in a short time roll change. Jing tang cold rolled galvanizing line USES a one-way roll change (Side shifting car), the operation Side a roll change the car and light car has put the position of the two sets of roller, the location of the exit Side is old roller, normal is empty, when the roll change, the light with the roll out of the whole machine, in this location. Entry side is the location of the new roller, normal should put a new roll, as the old roll after launch, mobile car, pull the new roll in. Push-pull work roll up and down with a hydraulic cylinder, the front have a hydraulic lever hook (Pushing device), on the work roll roll shaft has an opening direction relative to the hooks, two hooks to on, then can push or pull into the work roll. Change of work roll pusher has four position is very important, after the old roll out of position (Extract), launched after hydraulic roller hooks off the Hook and work location (Hook), to pull the new roll into the position of the light machine (Insert), after into decoupling position (Park), by the pusher position sensor ZT2 246.7, 246.7 ZT3 test at the end of the four locations. Roll change the car move by a hydraulic proportional valve 246.7 246.7 SVH1 SVH/P1 a globe valve control, the car position by position sensor 246.7 ZT1 detection. In roller hydraulic cylinder respectively by 246.7 SVH / 246.7 SVH/P2, P3, 246.7 SVH2, 246.7 SVH1 control. ?
    Support roll roll changing device (the Back up roll changing system), relatively speaking, supporting roller consumption is small, because it is not direct contact with the product rolling. In supporting roller can only be done manually, it will take a long time. ?
    Auxiliary roller system: including turning roll, measuring roller, crease-resist roller, defend jump roller. To each one roll inward and outward, change the direction of exit strip; A tested according to zhang roll inward and outward (TM8, TM9), crease-resist roller in the machine entrance, light strip to prevent the entrance of fold, defend jump roll for light overall export, prevent the exit strip fluctuations, by lifting crease-resist roller defend jump roller can make the strip changes more twists and turns, adjusting flatness. Anti-wrinkle defend jump roller adjusted respectively by proportional valve SVH 246.12/246.12 SVH/P1, P2 locking valve SVH1 246.12 and 246.12 SVH3 control, after the adjustment to a location, anti-wrinkle defend jump roller hydraulic cylinder internal clamp automatic clamp, prevent roller sliding, clamp in cylinder is controlled by hydraulic valve SVH2 246.12, 246.12 SVH4.
    Light overall hydraulic station: used to rolling force, supporting roller balance, bending hydraulic cylinder to provide high voltage power. Including two circulating pumps, high pressure pump, a high pressure valve. The maximum pressure of 300 bar.
    Wet finishing system: in the light the machine entrance with a spray beam from top to bottom, there is a lot of nozzle, the nozzle is divided into three groups, to spray beam in the middle of the middle section is controlled by a hydraulic valve, symmetry slightly pull over several controlled by a hydraulic valve, symmetry, on the edge of the few controlled by a water valve. So we can according to the width of the product to open the appropriate nozzle. By suppressing before finishing liquid can make the product easier to store and do the antirust processing, or in addition to salt water spray finishing liquid by cooling roller and cleaning roller prolong its service life. Basement of the whole machine has three cans of light, the left is in addition to the brine tank, light the whole tank, is among the most right is mixing tank. In the process does not require the use of light the whole fluid, can be directly choose in addition to salt water injection; Run the whole fluid, want to put finishing liquid into the mixing tank brine ratio, to stir by mixing tank.
    High pressure irrigation system: to remove zinc granule on the working roller and supporting roller. Work roll on high pressure nozzles installed in the above washing the car, the work roll, the supporting roller of high pressure nozzle on the below washing the car, car, each with an encoder, keep the car back and forth movement.
    Wastewater treatment system: finishing the basement has a waste water pit, there are two level gauge waste water pumps, wet finishing and high-pressure flushing water flow to the waste water pit, high level pump automatically flush, low level the pump automatically stops. ?
    After finishing cleaning system (Wash machine) : two parts, high pressure cleaning and washing. Clean the machine up and down the entrance there is a spray beam, jet of water from the underground tank, is hit by the high pressure pump. Immediately behind a group of squeeze roller, clean the machine after the first group of squeeze roller up and down in the middle of each have a spray beam, jet in addition to the water from the salt water pipe network pressure is relatively low, followed by a group of squeeze roller. After cleaning the water filtered recycled to the underground tank.
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